Eating on a cruise is an adventure within itself. You have great selections and options that will never leave you disappointed. There are many healthy options and people with specific dietary requirements can and will be accommodated. There are many types like the buffet, ala cart, take away style, room service etc It’s up to you.


The buffet will have a selection of meat dishes.  Things like pasta are always on the menu as are rice-based dishes. There always seem to be a selection of pre-made sandwiches also. Always on offer is a selection of cut and uncut fruit, many a salad is available. Desert is well represented with a plethora that you are able to choose from. The buffet is a great option though at times it can be hard getting seating for all your guests.


There are both free and paid for options. The free dining room may offer anytime dining or dining at a set time that you have to be there. The free options menu changes daily and is simply superb in my opinion. I like to try dishes I’ve never had as if I don’t like them I just send it back and go to the free buffet later on. This is a big plus for me. Most of the time steak is on offer but you are able to upsize the steak for a small fee if you’re really hungry.

Other pay per use restaurants onboard are speciality restaurants serving things like Asian fusion, Italian, Mediterranean etc. These vary depending on the cruise line though most offer at least two speciality dining experiences. price ranges from $25 upward per person. Bookings are essential and they may book out for the whole cruise if you don’t book when you embark.

Fast Food

Yes, its available on board! Things such as bacon and egg rolls, pizza, chips, hamburgers and hotdogs etc Most cruise lines have a good variety. Some items are included in your ticket such as 24hr pizza on Carnival cruise line. Some are things you pay for but they are usually located on the pool decks where its quick and easy to get something to eat without having to dry off from the pool. Some cruise lines offer free soft serve ice cream machines also frozen Yoghurt. Again usually on the pool deck.


The cafe’s coffee the obvious speciality tea and coffee as well as a great selection of cakes. The may offer orange juice and soft drinks depending upon the cruise line. These are, pay for use.

Room Service

All cruise lines offer room service with set menus. You need to pay for room service apart from a few select cruise lines which include room service in the cost of your ticket. Offerings usually include Nacho’s, hamburgers, pasta, wedges etc.