3 and 4 day cruises are great. You get the opportunity to get a good break at a very reasonable price. In Sydney Australia, you will find it hard to get accommodation under $200 a night and a cruise doesn’t cost that at all. Going out into the ocean on a ship is very relaxing and best of all food is included in the price.

Some 3 and 4-day cruises have a port of call such as Moreton Island if you are departing from Sydney. This is great to get off and take a shore tour and get to know if cruising is really for you. Some ports you will need to take a tender boat to get you ashore and it just adds to the experience.

Its great to see if you’re able to take a longer cruise by using this as a cruise sampler. If you’re worried about sea sickness this is a must try to see if the motion of the ocean makes you ill.

I rave about cruise food and this cruise option gives you the full range of restaurants that are available and buffet service. Time to dive in and eat eat eat.

For those who like to punt there is a casino onboard with table games and also slot machines. There are limits such as daily spend though I’m sure it is great for those who indulge. I have never heard of anyone having a win though.

Entertainment is great with nightly shows and plenty of activities. There is a programme out each day which shows the place and time of everything and is left in your room nightly for the following day. Most people take a highlighter texta to make their daily selections.

You can stay in touch with home using your phone via Cellular at Sea. You can also get internet access so making calls using apps such as WhatsApp really is the best option for the price. You obviously can use the internet on your iPad or laptop which is a great way also to stay in touch. You have a cabin phone that you can make calls ashore on but its just so expensive I wouldn’t do it.

Yes, there is onboard shopping though on domestic cruises you won’t be able to avail yourself of duty-free though they do have some sensational prices regardless.

If you fall ill or have an accident on board there are hospital facilities with a doctor on all cruise lines. They also have nurses on board. It is a must that you purchase travel insurance that is right for your cruise.

I think if you have never been on a cruise before take one of these cruise samplers. Its a few days out of your life but a truly great experience.