I know I’m going to get flack over this so go ahead. I think this is a growing issue on cruise ships and the single biggest issue affecting guest behaviour. Its easy for the cruise ships to post on their in-house TV that RSA is a serious issue on board, or is it. Is this the real reason you cant bring your own alcohol on board so they can control the alcohol consumption.

This is all crap. Cruise ship staff push drinks on you as if they have targets. The only RSA I have observed is when you physically can’t walk to the bar they may cut you off but they may organise table service also. These drink packages where you prepay 15 drinks per day is not in line with the responsible service of alcohol. If they did this on shore they would be shut down so we can safely assume RSA is a joke on ships.

Serving triples is done by the person saying they want it but the bar staff said they can only serve a double but they will also give you a single in a shot glass. So you pour it in you have a triple. Is this RSA. This is common practice on every cruise on all lines. Drink packages must be stopped as people feel the need to drink their allowance each day.

Hypocrisy abounds by the public relations staff of cruise lines. They say when a public disembarkation occurs that they don’t tolerate this behaviour but they were the company that filled them up with alcohol and then complain about the behaviour. Don’t think they are refusing you the ability to take alcohol on board for any other reason than profit maximisation. I would bet bar and wait staff would have targets.

I have seen people passed out in elevators.  People falling from excess alcohol yet as long as you can make it to the bar you get served. Yes on the very rare occasion someone may be cut off but it usually is in a direct result of an incident that this happens. I was on a cruise where they had to get the hoses out on the pool deck as there was so much vomit from drinkers. This was not seasickness before you jump to this defence this was a group that had boarded who were on a mission. To see who could drink the most. Each year there are deaths on cruise lines from people drinking too much and drowning in their vomit whilst asleep or unconscious. People die from alcohol poisoning. Where are the cruise companies being brought to account on this issue. They don’t and won’t.

The only time they pay regard to local law is when it suits them, ships hardly ever are registered where they operate and at the end of the day, the captain is God on the water. Untouchable and they know it. Nothing will change while they profit from this behaviour. It’s just a disgrace they use rules to suit them and ignore those that affect profit.

I’m not against people drinking. I’m against the violence that is associated with it when I am on a cruise or the sexual harassment of my wife by drunks.


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