Whilst in Canberra I decided to stop at The Australian War Memorial.From the front of the building, you look down Anzac parade to see Parliament House. The memorial has Tanks for the kids to climb on but they are on the outside of the building. You cannot climb on the exhibits within the memorial.

The memorial houses the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier. These are the remains of a soldier whose name is not known but represent all those who have died in conflict for their country. The memorial is not a depressing place though. All the names of fallen troops of all services are on a wall of which the public has placed poppies next to their names. Here is the photo.


I find the walls of remembrance very touching. They have a wall with photos of Australian forces who were POW’s again another photo.


Just to see the photos of the men who were POW’s really hits home. These obviously are not a comprehensive list of POW’s in all theatres of war but you would be made of stone if it didn’t move you.

There were a lot of exhibits of captured military equipment and arms used by Australian forces. A lot of Uniforms that were used throughout Australia’s military history. Items like gas mask’s in all sorts were on display and you have to wonder how they managed to fight with all the equipment they had to carry. I liked the fact I could see a genuine Samurai sword which I had only seen on TV before but in real life to see the size and the detail was amazing. I loved the old military vehicle’s also I found one I really liked and it was from Germany in WW2 so I will put a phot6o in here.


They had a plethora of anti-aircraft guns and cannons aplenty. They even had a barrel of a gun from a ship which had been destroyed whilst firing. They have guided tour which is free so you can have explained what a lot of these weapons did and how they were moved. When you see the size of some of these things and they were manhandled up mountains you simply can’t believe it. I will stick a photo here.


Honestly, I could load photo after photo it’s just that impressive. You really need to go to the War Memorial and allow three hours to get a feel for all that is there. Remember it is free. Weird I know is they have a gift shop but please get a poppy and leave it next to a person name you read on the wall of remembrance. The photo that is feature is Simpson and his Donkey a very important part of Australia’s military history. one last photo.