The Royal Australian Mint is located in Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory which is the Capital of Australia.

The mint produces all coins in Australia that are legal tender. The plastic bank notes are now produced in Melbourne, Victoria’s capital city.

Our coins are in the denominations of $2 – $1 – 50c – 20c – 10c and 5cents. There have been rumblings that the 5 cent piece is on borrowed time to be removed from circulation at some stage.

Whilst at the mint you are able to see the mint if full operation stamping out the coins for circulation. A lot of proof coins are also made and there is even a machine where you are able to make your own legal $1 coin.  I will put a picture in so you can see some of the factory.

The mint produced the Sydney Olympic Games Medals and now has produced the Medals for the Gold Coast Commonwealth games in Queensland. Photo again guys.

The Horse Race “The Melbourne Cup” also had the cup produced at one stage by the mint. I am unsure if it is still producing the cups nowadays. Photo.


Entry to the mint is free and they do have food and beverages for sale. There is a gift shop for small cheap gift items up to solid gold coin sets. You can really spend as little or as much as you like. They also have cheaper solid silver sets also proof sets. They really do have items for all budgets. If you have time visit the mint its great.