Today I went to Zarrafa’s cafe. I really am a creature of habit and don’t really like change. i decided to give a try though and this is what I found. The coffee was far better than Gloria Jeans coffee and Starbucks. It was the correct temperature throughout drinking the whole cup. That may sound odd though some coffee’s tend to cool rapidly toward the end of the cup. They are a full service cafe offering cold and hot beverages, this is desperately needed in Belmont I might add.

Food is great here. They have quiet the selection of foods. I went the ham and cheese croissant which was amazing. They had Sausage rolls, toasted foods, cakes and plenty of other offerings. I would have included a photo though they were cleaning the glas as I was leaving.

The best and most amazing thing for me is that they offer drive through service. This store is very new and there were so many customers in drive through and seated. The seating is a combination of traditional cafe chairs and tables but I must admit the have booths and they are so comfortable and functional. the booth tables allow plenty of room to eat and still more room for all your junk like laptop computers. If you ge the chance to go to Zarraffa’s, do it. It is really a great experience and the prices are ok.

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