I went to Erina today which is on the Central Coast of New South Wales Australia. They have a store which has closed down in Newcastle but still open in Erina. It’s called Build-A-Bear which as the name suggest you make your own stuffed animal.

The animals vary in price and size but if you think its just a teddy bear you are mistaken. they have the latest movie and tv show bears like when I was there before this time I made a star wars bear. They have plenty of outfits to dress your bear in and accessories such as glasses etc you get the drift.

Each bear has a Heart which is sewn inside the bear when scanned has all your details on it. This is so if your child loses their stuffed toy it can be scanned and returned to you. There is a little bit of theatre that goes on with this with the staff building the excitement while building the bear.

Prices are variable dependent on design size and outfits if any are selected. If you budgeted about $60 you would get a pretty good bear I believe. It’s more the entertainment and excitement of the bear being created which is priceless. It gets a bit much when you have a few children but they also do parties but I’m unsure how that works and how much it costs. Its definitely a must do if you have kids!