The Oinkmobile. took me to Charlestown today. Usually, I just take photos of things that interest me, that may be a shop or something for sale. I take a lot of photos of flowers also and post everything to my Instagram page. My Instagram is SultansofOink, so check it out.

Today I noticed whilst in Coles some great new product lines. One was Kangaroo Burgers and the other Kangaroo Bangers ( Sausages )

You have to give Coles 10 Oinks out of 10 for originality. I am definitely going to try these. They were also really affordable. The pictures don’t show the richness of colour of the meat. It’s a dark red yet vibrant which makes no sense but it also does. How do I feel about the prospect of eating Skippy? Pretty Oinktastic about it actually.

The meat is 98% fat-free which I knew before but I just hadn’t come across Kangaroo apart from the minced meat type.

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