Headed out to Stockland Shopping Centre Greenhills. On the way there I saw this Massive Mosquito “Ozzie the Mozzie”. It’s on the sign for the Hexham Bowling Club. It’s one big ass mossie. If you’re in the Newcastle / Lake Macquarie area its definitely worth driving out to and having lunch there.


Once there, you may as well continue on to Stockland Green Hills Shopping Centre. Its had a massive redevelopment and houses all the good retailers and great food. The centre has a mass of coffee shops such as Gloria Jeans et al. All food types are catered for also. Where I’m heading is that if you go there to shop for a few hours allow a bit of time to eat or drink as its really well appointed.

Parking is easy and I am pretty sure its free. I was just there and can’t remember. I’m shocking.

Some shops were a little cold but the main walking areas outside of individual stores were comfortable.

The toilets are great as you would expect when the centre is new but even in the old section they were nice and clean.

I will just stick a few photos in below so you can get a feel for the centre.

If you can see in the Boost Juice photo they were selling Vegemite Milkshakes. OMG WTF