The Oinkers headed to Tuggerah today. Tuggerah is about 2 hours north of Sydney in New South Wales. From Lake Macquarie where we are from its approx 45 minutes, quite a nice drive on good roads too.

They Have a Coles Supermarket and also a Woolworths. I’m not sure if its the lighting but from the front of the stores they look a bit run down and less than vibrant. They are located on opposite sides of the centre also. It’s in stark contrast to the shopping at Stockland Green Hills the other day.

Big W a department store was just ok. they had everything other stores have but again just lacked something and I just don’t know what it is.

They had many a speciality store which makes up for the lacklustre performance of the big Flagship stores. Personally, I liked the Platypus Shoe store where you are able to buy mainly Addidas and Nike. It was bright and everything laid out nicely.


The food court was a bit of a let down also. Yes, you will be able to get food but it really isn’t anything special. It was clean and tables were easy to find.

All in all its worth a visit but not a place to go to unless I was after a specific speciality store. The size is ok as is parking but really the same can be bought anywhere else. As I said the only thing going for this centre is the abundance of speciality stores. Overal 5 oinks out of 10.