Nelson Bay is in the Port Stephens region of NSW. It’s really pretty and isn’t that far from Shopping.

Every time I’ve been to Nelson Bay it’s been a virtual ghost town. If your plan is to get away from it all you have the right place. You won’t get crowds and it still has services such as Hospitals, Medical Centres, dentists, Supermarkets etc.

Salamander Bay Shopping Mall is nearby. There are plenty of quirky shops on offer also. The roads to the marina make absolutely no sense and there is parking down there for when you can find the right road.

Food is everywhere and that’s a big plus. I can’t say how good or bad it is as I’ve never eaten there.

They have a pretty good RSL as I recall from my days in Gan Gan when I was in the army. You will be hard stretched to find any night time entertainment. They have a board which is shown in the photos of other activities that are available. They do have beaches nearby and the famous Fingal Bay. Fingal Bay. you can walk across to the headland at low tide though I would warn against it as many, and I do mean many, people have died trying to get across or back. When the tide rolls back in its easy to be trapped, and try to get back, hence you die trying.

I would say Id spend a few days in Nelson Bay but that’s only because of my age and I like a bit more of a populated area.