I headed out to Salamander bay for the day and had a great time. It’s not a big Mall but also not small.

It has a food court which is good for its size also it has a few coffee shops, Gloria Jeans being just one of them. You can get a decent feed and lines aren’t a problem as the mall isn’t very busy every time I’ve been there.

Flagship stores are Coles and Kmart. The phone companies are represented but I would google them just to be sure they are still there. Having said that I bought two new phones from there about two years ago and nothing much has changed. There are a lot of speciality stores even for the larger person with Autograph just being one of them.

Parking is very easy and. you will get close to the entrances every time though people out here cannot drive and will take 10 attempts to drive forward into a parking spot due to their age. That’s not being horrible they just shouldn’t be driving if they are so immobile and lack any level of agility or ability to turn their heads.

There are shops on the outer of the centre such as banks and various other stores. It’s definitely the place to go when you’re in the Port Stephens area.