Healthcare in Newcastle is as good as Sydney if not faster to see a specialist or surgeon. The region has many a public hospital as well as a lot of private hospitals. No doubt if you’re seriously ill you will be going into John Hunter Hospital. This is a public hospital and is massive.

Onsite is a lot of specialists rooms and a private hospital for day surgeries. You can see every type of specialist when you are here.

The visiting hours are long but there are rest periods but you will only be stopped if the patient is asleep or indicated they do not wish to have visitors.

There is a pharmacy onsite which also hires and sells mobility aids such as crutches and wheelchairs. you can obviously get a prescription filled at the same place.

There are no dental facilities on site though they do call in dental surgeons for emergencies though if your suffering from an exposed nerve as I was you’re out of luck.

You can get food and drink onsite though they operate in hours you probably not there for as you always tend to fall ill in the middle of the night. I’m not sure of the operating hours though a good rule of thumb would be if the suns out they are open, if dark, closed.

Just some photo’s.