Today was another milestone in life which means I am just getting older. One of my 5 daughters the 3rd child started a job today. I should be over the moon and I am but it also carries the fact I’m getting on in years.

My partner in Crime Pumpkin Pig picked her up and said as she was serving customers that she had a radiant smile. I see this too few times nowadays with moody teenagers but I knew exactly what she meant by it.

Immediately after finishing work she asked to be dropped off at a friends house. I know at her age time with her friends is more important than time with the family so I can’t blame her for that. It just would have been nice to hear about it all from her when she was done. Like I said I can’t blame her for that.

I only have 2 more girls to go and then I have lost the lot to life commitments and it makes me feel old and a bit sad that they are not my little girls anymore. But that’s life I guess and we all go through it. I should be saying, Yes! One less I have to give money too but its just not that simple.

I guess I had better prepare my life for the next phases, being grandchildren and retirement. I don’t know how people deal with it. Now more than ever I feel I have to live my life rather than bother with the day to day worries. Time goes so quickly.