Today we went to the Newcastle Farmers, Growers and Makers market. the market is nearly 100% organic if that matters to you. There were so many fruit and vegetable stalls.  Entry is free though parking is only $2. People still parked outside the Showground and were being fined for illegal parking which is stupid when. parking is so cheap and plentiful.

The fruit and vegetable being all organic aren’t the prettiest and you get odd sizes at times. There was not a lot of variety I believe due to being winter at the moment. You had all the usual fruits and vegetable though unlike the supermarkets there were no imported goods as they are all locally grown, Obviously!

The food available onsite comprised of stalls and food trucks and the smells were amazing. The had food from nearly all corners of the globe on sale even Afghanistan! All the food venues looked. clean and I would actually be shocked if you were to fall ill from the food.

The market itself was a little hard to navigate due to the amount of people shopping. You will also need to bring your own bags as they didn’t seem to be provided at all, I may be wrong. Here are some photos.