Each day when you’re on any cruise ship the publish a brochure usually by half-hour increments of things or events that are on at certain times. A lot of the time there are multiple things on so looking at the guide is important to plan your day out.

Of course, you may just lounge by the pool with a few cocktails or beers and listen to the music or you may enjoy one of the many pay per use things such as the day spa. Things such as the spa may also have seminars on treatments and the casino is in operation most of the time also.

There is no way you will be bored on sea days if you look at whats on. Personally, I hate the at auctions. Unless you buy art onshore and you know the prices ashore what are you doing buying at auction on a ship? My belief is its overpriced twaddle.

I have a few copies of the Carnival Spirit’s Fun Times Magazine/brochure I have digitised.  Click the images to make them bigger!


Here’s a copy of the Spa prices and this is very popular onboard.