I went to Blackbutt Nature Reserve Today. Its Located technically in Newcastle but I like to think its in Lake Macquarie. It’s an area in the state of New South Wales (NSW).

The is a whole historical blurb on how the park came to be and the purchase of the land and the naming of sections of the park which date back to 1935.

The park has many attractions such as the ducks that just waddle by to full on wildlife encounters that are organised on site. The bushland and the ponds are definatly somthing to see and are impecably maintained by Newcastle Council. They have really done a top job out here providing up to date childrens play equipment and making the park look amazing.

Parking is on the meter but it is, no joke, the cheapest meter parking you will find. Im sure its there just to turn people over so more people have access to the park. There is a stack of parking though.

They have picnic areas as well as covered areas that are available. BBQ facilities are on site. This place has it all, but just dont feed the ducks as there is a notice up about it. This is a bit of a shame as the kids really wanted to feed them but im sure there is good reason as the council has been so good about everything else.

I have a few still photos and if you scroll down I also have uploaded some 360° Photos which I really love taking as it gives you the ability to turn and look around.