My wife and I are looking at buying a caravan and touring Australia. We are looking at a small caravan to start with to get used to towing and reversing and to see if its really something we are comfortable with before purchasing an expensive caravan.

Our first few options are to buy an old banger and restore it or to purchase something semi resonable but being more a pop top style of camper in our price range. The trouble with the pop top campers is the set up and possible leakage. Im not talking about a pop top thats just the roof for 12 extra inches of headroom but rather the style that is half the van being a tent style. The other option being an older van that has either a pop top of 12 inchees or maybe a fully enclosed style witch is our preference as we can stop have a cup of coffee without any setup.

Heres a few of the styyle we saw. the first is a very small pop top the other is arger but more tent material than van.


This is the van is half tent half van.


We looked at a few old bangers and they were in our price range but its very hard to know what the condition of the frame is in and all the electricals. Like I said we are after something small for short trips to get used to it all but we really like the idea of stripping a caravan and renovating it also. Well this is my favoured option.

Our ultimate goal is to rent out our house to the kids ashell, they aint moving! And simply travel. We were looking at buying a unit but we have all the time in the world so the kids will look after the house and we can just be of no fixed address and travel round Australia with a month here a month there etc.

Can you all follow my blog for updates on our search and whether we purchase and renovate.