We originally went out to Jayco Caravans to look at a pod camper. After seeing all the new pod camper styles we quickly realised it was going to be hopelessly small for our rather rotund bodies. The other issue is there really very small and you obviously cannot stand in one. I really thought this would have been ideal for us at first glance as its compact and easy to tow from either of our cars. I couldnt have been more wrong. For not much more we can get a full size caravan in which we have room to move.. All the electrics are in place for the fridge, computers and lights etc. Heres some pictures of the pod style camper we first considered.

As you can see its small and compact though the base model had no bed, shelving electrics etc, its just a shell.

We have decided to save for a bit longer and buy a full size caravan. Either a pop top caravan or a fully enclosed caravan. Whilst its twice the price of a camping pod we have the benefit of powerpoints everywhere. a kitchen and air conditioning etc. The mrs isnt worried about the 12-18 inch pop top or if its hard sided the whole way. She wanted to avoid the caravans that are half van half tent as she wouldnt feel safe in it or safely leave a computer in it if we were to drive to the shops.  Some photos of the inside of the tent style caravan.


Here is some we liked just mainly from the outside as really they all are pretty much the same inside.


We are set on the full hard sided van with or without a 12-18 inch pop top. We want the bed to be a double bed rather than two singles and converting it. We are also looking at if available in our price range to hopefully get a toilet and shower though the shower is not a deal breaker.  if you have ever been on a cruise you will appreciate that these caravans are not pokey compared to a cruise cabin. I think thats the best way of describing the size.

Now to pay for it the wife is going to take on some freelance work and we are both giving up smokiing so we can buy it. A bit of a win in that regard. We really wont borrow money for the van as its not really an option as paying back a loan is a hassle and you always have to have the money. you can never have a short week, so save we will.

In the mean time we will do research on the vans avaiable and all the bits and pieces required. I didnt mention before but the caravan we choose has to be towable from our mitsubishi outlander which is 1500kg. That is a deal buster as we dont want to have to buy a new car as tis car is new and we really dont want to buy a car in the next category up due to fuel prices.