We have finally chosen not to buy a caravan, but instead, we are buying a camper trailer. This is not just the price but the number of people we can fit. As we are able to fit 240 Volt power for an additional $277 we will be taking this option. We were looking at a 12 Volt solar setup though this was costly and I can never picture a time us not being in a powered site.

The camper is around $3500 with the addition of $277 for the 240 Volt and also $500 for the tow bar installation. So around $4300 and we are set to go.

The camper comes with a king size bed and an additional bedroom also a fully enclosed annexe that we will use to cook and sleep the other children. The tent areas are absolutely massive compared to the others on the market.

Our main use will be weekend trips to Port Stephens NSW, Canberra ACT, Tamworth NSW and really anywhere we can afford and have the time to visit.

There were a few nuts and bolts we need to sort out like a toilet for emergencies as I have 5 girls that always need to stop to go to the toilet when we travel. It’s just in case we are not going to make it in time for them. They are pretty nasty the toilets but at least its something. You have to buy the chemicals also. I have taken a photo.


We were tossing up whether to get a cooler and use ice or buy a fridge and use a battery pack to run it on 12 Volt. We really have no idea whats the best way for up. Ice isnt cheap though buying a 12 volt system to run just a fridge is a waste. We will have access to 240 Volt at the caravan park so its all just a mixed bag of not knowing which is going to be best or easiest.

we will run LED light strips of a power bank that we charge our phones off if it works as im not keen on having 240 Volt lights set up. For cooking we are just buying the Gas two burner cooktop and add a BBQ plate on it as thats an option for the burner. The other good thing is the gas comes in cans for the cooktop though we will still take a 9kg gas bottle also. The Gas bottle will be for cooking and for the gas lanterns which produce massive amounts of light.

We are looking at having the money by late January so in the mean time we can still go accessorie shopping as who doesnt like an accessory.