We thought we would buy a camper and we were pretty set on a particular one. We have decided mainly cost wise to build our own.

We are buying a 7×5 High Side Box Trailer as the starting point. This will cost us around the $1200 mark for the base model. We will be adding a 7×5 foot by 900mm high cage to give us a frame to work with that is solid to start with. We are toying with the idea of a canvas canopy to cover the cage and external panels to ensure we don’t lek though this with ba adding an additional $350.

We are going to use plywood on the exterior of the cage to enclose the trailer. Will be using 3mm ply for the interior or laminate sheeting. There is a laminated board which may also be an option for the exterior and this will mean less waterproofing. We are still looking around for the best materials for the price.

Ideally, the Camper will be fully enclosed and watertight without the canopy and the inside lined. We will need both 240v and 12v power as the wife has sleep apnea and needs her machine to be on whilst she sleeps. We are looking at a battery box that has input for 240v to charge the 12v battery. Whilst we have power the sleep machine will run off 240v.

We will be having H rails over the top to place the Kayaks on and to tie them down. We have many a child though but we will only take two Kayaks.

Whilst this is in progress we will be using a 12 man tent stored in the back of the trailer until the work is finished. We have to do this in stages as we don’t have a lot of money and we still want to get away as much as possible. We also have the old chestnut that we have no idea how to back a trailer so, while the visibility is better due to an incomplete build, we will be able to learn the basics a little easier.

This is the tent we are looking at to start with.


We are looking at a portable 12v solution such as this.


This is the trailer base we are starting with.


This is where we want to end up roughly. I’ve shown this galvanised though ours will be grey/black and may or may not have a cover but it shows how the H rails will be in relation to the camper to take the Kayaks.


Whilst outside it appears a trailer it will be fully fitted out internally. We are still to determine if we should go 900mm high from the top of the trailer sides or to go 1200mm.

Anyway, its the start of the journey and we will cover the build full of photos and video as it progresses.