Today I went to Anaconda, This is a camping hiking and fishing store. We were just going for a drive when we spotted it. I was always of the impression it was a very expensive store.

There were so many good things on offer from tents, sleeping bags, Kayaks, fishing gear, 12 solar systems etc. I was shocked at how cheap this store was. I picked up a pair of hiking boots already half price and reduced a further 30%.  My daughters wanted the Kayaks though we had no way of getting them home until we get the camper trailer. The tents were very good quality and most were set up so you could gauge if they met your needs. I usually buy gear from Kmart and stores like that. With the tents, we were always going to go to a reputable camping store to ensure the quality we need. I was just shocked how awesome this place was. I signed up for membership as it did bring the prices down dramatically.

Im looking for a solar system and battery pack as the wife has sleep apnea and requires a machine to help breath through the night. Because of this, we wouldn’t be able to go to unpowered sights without a battery storage system set up.

Im still saving like crazy to afford the camper trailer and we are selling all the stuff we don’t need on eBay to help fund the camper. Im also trying to stop smoking, therefore, having a lot more money free to put toward it.

Here are some photos inside Anaconda.