I’ve been back to Anaconda again today this time at Newcastle. They had a lot more tents set up than other stores and the staff were just so friendly. I received an email giving me $10 off on a purchase over $50 which I was happy about and used while I was here. I ended up buying a tent even though I had no intention of doing so. As I said they were set up and a particular tent caught my eye for a massively reduced price of $280 less the $10 discount coupon. Here is a photo.


Its mega big and more importantly had an inlet for a power cable. If it wasn’t set up I would have walked out without a tent as I really wasn’t looking. It really is perfect and Im really happy with the quality.

I went bananas taking photos to upload onto google maps but I will place a gallery in here.

We still have so much to buy such as Kayaks and bikes all from Anaconda. I couldn’t believe the prices of bikes, so cheap. Im a big fan of the Kayaks and having five kids $10 or $20 on the price of Kayaks adds up. I will definitely be buying from here. I get nothing from Anaconda, Im just really happy having found the store for myself.

I will keep updating the page and will be adding videos of the setup and the setup of the camper trailer. Heres a gallery of photos at Anaconda Newcastle NSW Australia.