Today we headed out to get some honey for Sally’s I’ll father. We knew about Super Bee Honey World from our last visit to the Gold Coast. Parking was free out the side of the building but this cow from the National Parks And Wildlife service had an issue with us parking in the designated spots as this meant we avoided paying the $10 for parking. How this person is able to even be close to any customers is beyond me as she was a total cow and questioned us about everything.

Inside the store they have pumps that you able to try every different flavour of honey they produce which was plenty. We bought 7 variety’s in small trial packs for Sally’s dad. He’s currently in a nursing home and has Parkinson’s disease and the honey helps him swallow.

The lady at the store was wonderful! She gave us a great run down how each flavour is created. The have merchandise as well for those who like that sort of thing such as my 9 year old daughter who got me to buy up for her. Here are some photos.